Marsala, Pantone’s 2015 Color of the year, is a deep, smoky red with brown undertones. To ‘Get the Look’ with a Colorhouse hue use WOOD .04 from the Handcrafter Color Collection. The depth, complexity and versatility of this color make it surprisingly easy to work with. It holds its own as a whole room color, or as an accent that plays nicely with a wide variety of other hues.

Colorhouse WOOD .04 dark red paint color in a dining room

Rich and full-bodied, like the wine it is named for, Marsala makes a perfect hue for dining rooms. Pair WOOD .04 with crisp white BISQUE .01 to keep the room light.

Colorhouse WOOD .03 dark red paint color above a fireplace

In living rooms and family rooms, Marsala wraps you in warmth and makes an inviting hue for gathering spaces. This time the trim is painted in the creamier AIR .02. Both warm and cool shades of gray like STONE .04 or METAL .04, are used here as the complementary neutrals in the tile.

Colorhouse WOOD .04 dark red chalkboard paint in a kitchen

Use WOOD .04 Chalkboard paint from Colorhouse for this Marsala look and create an accent wall in your kitchen. Despite being a red, its vibrancy is toned down, especially when paired with the natural tones of pottery, metal, and wood.

Colorhouse METAL .05 paint color in a living room

Used as a pop of accent color with gray, green and other shades of red, Marsala adds a splash of vibrant color to enliven this entry. The trick that makes this hue much more than a re-mix of circa 1980’s mauve is it’s easy combination with other lively colors in home décor. Pair with shades like DREAM .04, WATER .02, and CLAY .07 for a Bohemian look.

We are excited to see more Marsala in the year ahead…keep a look out! And remember, we offer Free Color Help if you want help finding the perfect spot for this Color of the Year in your home.