Colorhouse BLACK .01 and WHITE .01 Pinstripe Wainscoting

Blog post by Lynn Morgan: Colorhouse Customer Service Guru, Color Nerd, and Paint Pro

I wanted to call this blog post “Don’t Try This at Home!” Sometimes the Creative Genius at Colorhouse comes up with inspiring ideas that leave me shaking my head and wondering “How ARE we going to DO this??!” This is one of those.

Our wainscoting is a beadboard wainscoting. We wanted to draw attention to the beaded ridge between the panels of the wainscoting and decided to paint the indented groove on either side of the ridge, resulting in a super thin pinstripe effect. This challenging project requires skill and a steady hand. And, perhaps most importantly, a quality paint brush. Ten years as a painting contractor definitely helped!

Start by painting the wainscoting with Canvas Color Collection Black .01. We used our eggshell sheen so mistakes in the pinstriping – and there were a FEW — could easily be wiped off with a damp cloth. Apply two coats for the best finish, allowing at least 4 hours between coats. Allow to dry overnight.

Colorhouse paint - MAKE THIS: Pinstripe Wainscoting with BLACK .01 and WHITE .01 Colorhouse paint - MAKE THIS: Pinstripe Wainscoting with BLACK .01 and WHITE .01

For the Pinstripe, we used Canvas Color Collection White .01. Dip your brush in the paint, and tap off the excess. Starting at the top of the beadboard, lightly place just the tip of your brush in the grove and in a steady motion, follow the line to the bottom. It took a little patience and practice, and I found the faster you move without hesitation, the more crisp the line. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any bobbles outside the groove. Repeat on both sides of the ridge until complete.

The result is a high contrast, well dressed room. Like a suit for your walls.

Colorhouse BLACK .01 and WHITE .01 Pinstripe Wainscoting