Colorhouse Color Nerds find color inspiration by being active participants in the world and keeping their eyes open. Traveling to different cultures, countries, and continents most always sparks new color ideas. But sometimes colors can be found close to home: from an evening walk in North Portland to a camping trip in Oregon’s Painted Hills.

Colorhouse green THRIVE .05 was inspired by Portland's St Johns Bridge Colorhouse purple PETAL .07 was inspired by Beautyberry Colorhouse yellow BEESWAX .06 was inspired by Chestnut burrs Colorhouse red CLAY .04 was inpsired by Oregon's Painted Hills Colorhouse purple AIR .07 was inspired by an amethyst geode Colorhouse green GLASS .02 was inspired by fruticose lichen Colorhouse red WOOD .04 was inspired by a pomegranate Colorhouse black NOURISH .06 was inspired by crow feather Colorhouse pink SPROUT .06 was inspired by cherry blossoms Colorhouse ASPIRE .06 Inspired by a Watercolor Box Colorhouse NOURISH .03 Inspired by a White-tailed Deer Antler Colorhouse CREATE .04 Inspired by a Red Lantern Colorhouse WOOL .06 Inspired by Soft Yarn Colorhouse LEAF .06 Inspired by an Air Plant Colorhouse hue PETAL .06 Colorhouse hue THRIVE .03 Colorhouse hue AIR .04 Colorhouse hue CREATE .05