Purple is a trending hue for homes — would you use it in your space? Let us introduce you to 5 distinct Colorhouse purples that we designed specifically to play nice inside. These violet tones don’t overwhelm; instead, they bring an edgy and artistic coloristic surprise to your home.

Colorhouse Colorspot: WOOD .05 - purple chalkboard paint in a kid's room

Who says Chalkboard paint has to be black? WOOD .05 is a pretty plum purple that makes taking a doodle break from homework even more fun! Available in our Chalkboard finish.

Colorhouse WOOL .04 paint - purple dining room

Like the sky just before day break, WOOL .04 is barely-there purple. Elegant in a dining room when layered with antique silver pieces or laid-back in a bedroom with loose-weave cotton sheets.

Colorhouse AIR .07 apint - purple bathroom

A delicate purple inspired by the earthiness of lavendar fields, AIR .07 is a beautiful hue for bathrooms and bedrooms. The color says clean but not stark.

Colorhouse SPROUT .07 - purple paint for kid's room

As yummy as the scent of spring lilacs. Peaceful and pleasant for dreaming, SPROUT .07 is a happy and light purple for nurseries.

Colorhouse PETAL .07 paint - purple wall

Rich and saturated like the inside of a beet, PETAL .07 is a funky, flashy and fun purple for dining rooms and powder rooms.

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