Colorhouse METAL .05 grey paint color in a living room

Make Way for Grey in 2015. Charcoal has replaced chocolate as the seen-everywhere neutral in interiors. Design trends have moved away from the warm hues of auburn, red and orange that harmonize with browns and into the cool with a focus on blues, greys, and greens.

Rich and sophisticated METAL .05 brings a grounded grittiness to your space when combined with found objects and salvage pieces. Don’t worry about going too dark with this color. Curated items will pop on the rich charcoal backdrop of METAL .05, letting your artwork and heirlooms take center stage. You can lean toward a more industrial vibe with the incorporation of the color on an accent wall in an urban loft or create a luxe modern aesthetic by putting this color all over in a dining room.

Colorhouse METAL .05 grey paint color in a dining room

Or use METAL .05 Chalkboard paint to create a removable wallpaper! By drawing an all-over pattern with chalk, you can get the look of an expansive design on your walls, but erase it and start over to match new home decor items like throw pillows and rugs.

Colorhouse METAL .05 grey Chalkboard paint Arrow Wall

Looking for a harmonious hue for ceiling and trim in room with walls painted METAL .05? Try BISQUE .06 — a gentle white that has a whisper of gray.

Colorhouse BISQUE .06 light blue or grey paint color in a bathroom Colorhouse NOURISH .03 grey paint color in a bathroom

NOURISH .03 is classic like a tailored suit and comfy like felt slippers. Use in relaxed spaces like bathrooms and dens.