Colorhouse paint Color Trends - Lost and Foundry

Growing up in the city of Milwaukee, WI, foundries were a part of our urban landscape. Cream City brick buildings stretched corner to corner on Milwaukee’s south side, with foundries like Grede and Allen-Bradley landmarks in our community. My father would got to work at “the foundry”, which as a child, I didn’t really understand. “What exactly is a foundry and what do you make there?” In pictures that my dad shared with me, I remember seeing glimpses of big machines, lots of fire, and molten steel that looked like lava. These pieces of the puzzle somehow came together to make parts for cars, tractors, and machines. It was only after received my B.F.A. in ceramics from Saint Mary’s College did I fully understand the process of mold-making and what it takes to make a unique piece over and over again.

Images of steel castings in process from Willman Industries.

Images of steel castings in process from Willman Industries.
My father is now the VP of Engineering at this foundry in Cedarburg, WI.

Our Lost + Foundry palette relies on the colors of metal objects and salvage pieces to create a grounded, gritty design aesthetic. Taking our cue from modern industrial designers, we focused on taking this cooler, more commercial look and warming it up for residential interiors to inform this palette’s direction.

Curated items in the home or office will pop on the rich charcoal backdrop of METAL .05, while METAL .04 and BISQUE .06 provide shifts in value on ceilings and trim. The palette can be tied together with the understated, hardworking green of GLASS .05.

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