photo ladies Cargo Color, by LOPHOTO: People in their spaces Patty Merril and Bridgid Blackburn, the creators behind the colorful merchandising at Cargo.

For both Ginnie and I, it is important to have places and people that inspire and move us to think about color in different ways. We are lucky enough to have a store in our hometown that travels the world to create an experience that makes walking through the store almost as exciting as being there yourself. We often find inspiration in fine art, music, food, and in the businesses of passion that are popping up across the country as the craft renaissance is embraced.

It is always a color adventure to explore the world through Patty Merril and Bridgid Blackburn’s eyes and it is an easy place to get a quick fix of color. We love Cargo, an importer of handpicked antiques & artifacts, located in our hometown of Portland, OR. Traveling through Cargo is a true color adventure, one of the most exciting places to experience the world of color in all its glory. There is never a dull moment, the visual experience is always changing. Check it out at or visit their 20,000+ sq. ft. warehouse in Portland’s Pearl district, 380 NW 13th.