Looking for the best paint colors for your nursery?

Check out these perfect nursery hues + 7 easy DIY projects that take your nursery from yawn to yeah!

MAKE THIS: Watermelon Wall with Colorhouse paint

As sweet as strawberry ice cream and as soft as bunny ears, SPROUT .06 is the just-right pink for nurseries. Add in a simple stencil and a few of our favorite greens and you have a wall just as sweet as your little.

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Colorhouse Neutral Nurseries - Calm Hues for Baby's Room

Add a touch of sophistication to your nursery with hues from the Canvas Color Collection. A base of Brown .01 and Brown .02 provide a calming backdrop. Layer with blues, graphic shapes, and a cute baby for the perfect nursery.

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Colorhouse Neutral Nurseries - City Mural DIY Project

Add some urban cool to your nursery using a rad stencil set from our friends at YouthfulNest. The Cityscape DIY Skyline Mural comes with 10 individual paper stencil buildings. You can use 1 or all of the buildings to create a unique urban skyline. A backdrop of our top selling white IMAGINE .01 with soft blues and greys will give your nursery some awesome street cred.

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Colorhouse Neutral Nurseries - Subtle Stripe DIY Project

Creating a gender-neutral nursery? Combine various neutral shades without overwhelming a little space with these subtle stripes. Warm off-whites like AIR .01 and AIR .02 and soft greens like GLASS .02 and GLASS .03 are perfect for this DIY.

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MAKE THIS: Springtime Scene - painting DIY project by Colorhouse

Encourage your little ones to write on the walls with chalkboard paint! Graphite grey METAL .05 pairs perfectly with sunny yellow ASPIRE .05 and blue sky DREAM .02 for your happy nursery.

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Colorhouse Pink Ombre Nursery wall color inspiration

Wondering how to paint a trendy ombre wall in your nursery? It is easier than you may think! We used pinks PETAL .03 and SPROUT .06 to give this nursery a little attitude, but any of your favorite hues will work.

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MAKE THIS: Dots + Dollops wall for a kid's room with Colorhouse paint

Use aqua blue WATER .01 and a simple polka-dot pattern to add some playfulness to your nursery. This super easy DIY can be done during nap time.

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